Monday, January 5, 2015

Overflow Room

On Christmas Eve, I walked into my craft/office room to find the carpet bubbling up with water.  My daughter was in the adjoining bathroom taking a shower.  Nice, a plumbing problem!  That Friday morning the plumber's apprentice came out and confirmed the problem was coming from the shower,but he wasn't able to fix it.  The head plumber came out on Tuesday fixed the problem and told me to call in this the water remediation people.  Since last week until this morning, I've had two humidifiers and four fans running nonstop.  My house sounded like a jet airplane 24/7.

The fun part has been emptying the room of all my crafts!  Not an easy task.  Posts will be sporatic since I don't have easy access to my craft supplies.  My desk is in pieces and vendors have/will be coming to fix the flooring.

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