Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving name placeholder

We celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with the Miner's.  Bob and Troy put a whole turkey and (later) a turkey breast in the deep fryer.  Yummo!  Troy also put a ham in the oven for the non-turkey eaters (sinners)!  Seriously, the ham was delicious.  Lisa made stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Someone made a sumpitious corn casserole.  Becca made sweet pototoes.  Miranda did the cranberry relish.  I did the green bean casseroles.  Appetizers were mostly done by Melissa and Lisa with me adding a spinach dip and bread.  Dessert were pies by apple (Julie) and pumpkin and pecan (Melissa).  BTW, the pecan pie was divine, Melissa used our Grandma Free's recipe!

Caroline and Becca made the placeholders for the diners.  Each of use got a custom made turkey.  Here's mine:

I just love my card maker turkey!  Thanks girls!

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